Thank you High Caliber Hunts for an awesome evening of fellowship and hunting! Highly recommended!
JP Dinnell

Former U.S. Navy SEAL

Spent this week in Texas hunting hogs with High Caliber Hunts. A major part of Collin’s concept is gathering accomplished men to work and hunt together, network, and exchange ideas.

It’s been a while since I spent a long day and a late night around a fire – but as I’ve written in Fire in the Dark there’s something about it that is essential to our nature as men.

I had a lot of great talks about life and business and came back with some good ideas and some things to think about. I think everyone else there did, too.

I strongly believe that every man who eats meat should participate in the harvesting of an animal and understand what that is. “The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.” (Or at least be willing to.)

Jack Donovan


Men need other men because iron sharpens iron!

I have been back from my first hunt with High Caliber Hunts for four days now and my head is STILL spinning.

Yes, I harvested two feral hogs but the highlight was the men that I spent time with.

In this group, I was at the lower end of achievement and that is a position that I am not in frequently.

It was good for my mind as it expanded what is within the possibility for me. My “possible” is greater, wider, and more than I have ever seen before.

Find your people, build your gang, grow your life, and expand your possible.

Dylan Bain

Business Owner

I’m thankful for the invite and instruction from Collin Cottrell at High Caliber Hunts. I’m thankful for the boar that provided me with 49 pounds of meat. I will continue to hunt, and earn my plate, so long as life allows me to do so!

Kyle Creek, aka "The Captain"


As a brand new hunter, taking on my first hunt, and particularly a night hunt with a bow, I can’t recommend a guided hunt with High Caliber Hunts enough. Collin attracts a certain caliber of men that are willing to teach, share, and listen. I asked so many questions this weekend that hunters take for common knowledge and I never got laughed at.

If you are seeking to improve your hunting skills/ knowledge, put more meat in the freezer, and connect with other men that will push you to be better, then I’d encourage you to sign up for a hunt with High Caliber Hunts.

Brandon Langlois

New Hunter

What an incredible weekend down in Texas! There I joined my friend Collin Cottrell and a few other high-caliber men for a night of thermal hog hunting through his company, High Caliber Hunts. I was so thrilled to have successfully taken my first wild game kill, which was a massive wild pig! I also came home with some awesome gifts from Collin. A High Caliber Hunts logo hat, a new Vortex Optics logo hat, and a Vortex Optics Diamondback rifle scope. That scope will be a valuable tool as I continue on my journey as a hunter!

Furthermore, one of the new friends that I made, Kyle “The Captain” Creek, gifted me a signed copy of his latest book Speech Therapy. He’s a great author and a great man who’s excelling in all areas of life. And I was so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with him and the other great men during the hunt. I’m also grateful for that amazing animal that will provide nutritious food for myself and my loved ones.

It was truly an experience to remember! And if you’re interested in taking a part in a hunt yourself, go check out High Caliber Hunts.

Josh Guerrero

New Hunter